Kosher Beach

The Kosher Beach is a gated 100-meter strip of beach in Tel Aviv with dedicated days for women and men to bathe separately. It’s only a half hour drive from Bnei-Brak, a closed Orthodox city, but for the “Brave Bunch”, a female Orthodox sisterhood from Bnei-Brak, it’s light years away. It’s their source of quiet sanity; their own private haven of freedom where they can be themselves, take a deep ocean breath and open their hearts to the sea. An entire hidden world full of humor is exposed, which only exists from the moment they get on the minibus that takes them to the beach to the moment they get off the bus and re-enter their city. We get to taste this forbidden fruit, discovering the inner world of these ultra Orthodox women. But when the heads of their community threaten to close it down, will the women give in or fight?

Poster of the film
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